About us

Good food, low prices, excellent customer service, and quick delivery are no longer enough to be successful in the food industry. With the increasing demand for technological innovation and customers looking for convenient ways to place orders, implementing OnlineOrder allows restaurants to modernize and stay at the edge of all competition.

Developed by a team of expert developers and designers, OnlineOrder is a leading web based software that allows customers to place orders directly off your website, Facebook page or mobile app. The software is easy to install and it becomes a part of your restaurant’s existing processes within 48 hours. OnlineOrder really streamlines operations and enhances customer experience by promoting efficiency, maintaining a customer database, easing menu management, reducing costs, and increasing profits.

While customers enjoy browsing through an entire menu within seconds, restaurants get the benefit of taking an unlimited number of orders, making quick changes to their menu and prices, receiving instant alerts when orders are placed, and reviewing restaurant performance via a number of detailed reports.

For ultimate practicality and affordability, OnlineOrder is available for a low month-to-month subscription fee. Unlike most third party ordering-systems, we don’t charge any commission on your orders nor do we have any hidden fees or binding contracts.

Today, people buy just about everything online - whether it be clothing, housewares, gadgets, toys or books. So why not let them buy food too? Online ordering provides an ultimate level of ease for both the consumer and the merchant in many ways. Whether someone’s stuck at the office, busy running errands or simply doesn’t have any time on their hands, OnlineOrder let’s them instantly place an order from anywhere at anytime.