frequently asked questions
  • 1
    What is OnlineOrder?

    OnlineOrder is an easy to use software that enables customers to place orders directly off your website, Facebook page or mobile app.

  • 2
    What are the main functions of OnlineOrder?

    The main purpose of OnlineOrder is to give you an edge over your competitors by providing your customers the convenience of placing orders from anywhere at anytime. It keeps you relevant and it simplifies operations by easing menu management, helping you stay alert, managing a customer database, and controlling the order flow.

  • 3
    What do customers see on the front-end?

    On the front end, your customers see a well designed and user-friendly website, Facebook page, and/or mobile app that displays a complete menu and your latest promotions.

  • 4
    How is the back end support?

    We have an in-house call-centre team that works around the clock to resolve any issues with the software.

  • 5
    How easy is it to make changes to the menu/product list?

    One of the key benefits of OnlineOrder, is that you have full control over the menu. You can add/remove items on menu, make quick price changes, and/or introduce discounts at any time without any assistance.

  • 6
    How long does the software take to install?

    Installation is quick and easy. It only takes 48 hours to get the software up and running.

  • 7
    What types of payments can I accept with OnlineOrder?

    OnlineOrder gives you the flexibility of accepting cash (on delivery) and most credit cards via OPay.

  • 8
    Who can access the back-end panel where orders are received?

    For security reasons, only one authorized personnel gets access to the back-end panel where orders are received and sent to processing. An user id and password is generated for the chosen personal to insure confidentiality.

  • 9
    Can I manage multiple outlets using OnlineOrder?

    Yes, with OnlineOrder you have the capability to manage a single outlet or a nationwide chain. Authorized personnels have the ability to prioritize and assign orders to respective outlets.

  • 10
    How will I know when my business has received an order?

    When an order is received, the system instantly generates and an email to multiple email addresses assigned by you. The system issuing an alerts till the order is confirmed or declined.

  • 11
    How secure is the my customer data stored in the system?

    The OnlineOrder system makes sure your customer data is safe and secure. The system and eliminates the risk of data being lost or modified.