Features and Benefits

Installs easily

Installation is fast and easy; you’ll be ready to take orders within a few hours.

Enhances Customer Experience

Keeps customers happy by giving them the convenience of placing orders right from the palm of their hands, at anytime and anywhere.

Displays menu and promotions

Allows customers to easily browse through entire menus, promotions etc.

Simplifies Menu Management

Let’s you make quick changes to your menus, add/remove items, introduce discounts, all at the click of a mouse.

Promotes Greater Efficiency

Taking orders electronically avoids confusion and reduces the chances of mistakes; customers get exactly what they ask for.

Keeps you Alert

Notifies you when an order is placed via emails and sms alerts, so you can review, confirm and process orders right away.

Let’s you run Strong Campaigns

Allows you to display promotional banners and hot deals on your website, pushing your customers to spend more.

Defines Delivery Zones

Let’s you customize delivery zones, delivery charges, and minimum delivery order totals so don’t lose money on small orders.

Cuts down costs

Giving customers the option to place orders online means the call centre will have less phone orders to handle and you’ll have less representatives to pay.

Controls Order Flow

Allows you to take orders according to your kitchen capacity; you can suspend or slow down order taking when the restaurant is overburdened.

Allows Credit Card payments

Enables you to accept all credit cards with ease.

Creates Customer Database

Stores customer data so you can keep in touch with customers and have them coming back often.

Produces Detailed Reports

Creates regular reports on trends, bestsellers, unpopular items etc. so you analyze them and improve your menu and service accordingly.