Refund Policy

If you are not satisfied with your received order or faced any setback after the delivery the product maybe returned within 2 working days and notified a complaint immediately.

The client will then take the subsequent as per its terms of agreement with the bank. In case of a refund due to any circumstances, as per agreed terms and conditions, you will be notified about the refund within 30 working days.

You must notify the client immediately if you decide to cancel your order, preferably by phone, and quote your order number. If the restaurant accepts your cancellation, no cancellation fee applies. If the Client refuses cancellation, e.g. because Delivery has been completed and/or delivery personnel has already been dispatched, it may not be cancelled. Notwithstanding the foregoing, in case you paid for your order online, you should only contact OnlineOrder with respect to a refund of your payment. You can always contact OnlineOrder with any complaint or concern you may have with respect to an order for which you paid online.

If the cancellation was made in time and once the Client has accepted it, we will fully or partially refund or re-credit your debit or credit card with the full amount within 30 working days, depending on the kind of transaction in dispute.

In an unlikely event that the Client delivers a wrong item, for which you have the right to reject the delivery and you shall be fully refunded for the item. If the Client can only do a partial delivery (a few items might be not available), its staff should inform you or propose a replacement for missing items. You have the right to refuse a partial order before delivery and get a refund. We are not responsible for wrong or partial delivery. The issue has to be settled directly with the Client.